Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why I Heart Moschino:

Because I love they're unoffical mascot. Who wouldn't want this ultra cool bird with heart sunglasses??

Dear Miss Kate Moss:

Do you ever look bad?? Clearly not!

Summer Dressing Part II

You really should be aspiring to dress like this:

I Heart Smart Men.......

Or men who just look like it.........

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'll be (not seeing you nor anyone) in lovely Monaco.....

This poster alone was enough to beckon me to abandon my flats and flee from the grimmey city. I've packed my bags and kissing you all fond farewells..................only temporary, I promise darlings!

'Your just soo Euro'

IF, you have ever found yourself to be the center of attention because of how you look, take note, being considered European (in the U.S.) is somwhat a compliment. I myself born in the U.S.A. and proud, but in terms of a more culturalized sense of things..........I prefer Euro. Although the States do tend to have better plumbing.......18th century houses no matter how pretty do not!!!
This look is very Euro-inspired no? Pretty graphics.

Simple and Lovely: The Summer Dress

As it should be, the summer dress must always remain simple. Thus the basis for designers to reply on poppy-bright colours to attract the sexes. Though I have fallen away from those brights, I prefer a more substile hue. Women take note, this example is a perfect match to me:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Les Jackets

Jackets should always be determinded on the 3's. Cut, Colour, and Quality! When I'm in the states I see so many poor american women that totally deprive themselves to the nearest low-grade department store. The ending result is a poorly cut piece of fabric that falls apart or finds itself tossed in the back of closet with other random things.
This is why I am such an advocate of well-made items and why American women always wonder why the French got "it". If only every woman could own a piece of Balenciaga........

The Sartorialist

Saturday, May 10, 2008

RE: Daphne Guinness

A Little briefing of Ms. Guinness (fashion extraordinaire) is the well known socialite who's considered to be possibly the most fashion-connected-divinely-styled woman living today.
Of course offering my own services of a stylist could do no justice. I fear the woman herself would strike me down with a sense of fear and awe.
I once did lay my lustful eyes on her at a Chanel show a year ago and thought she would have fitted perfectly in some Disney fantasy character like a white witch.
So in honor of Ms. Guinness I think her style would fit perfectly with this frothy yummy pink creation by Christian Lacroix Spring 08'

SabyaSachi: Folksy Girl Fab

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Not-So-Demure bride Part I

Though I've done the marriage thing one time already, I had not however worn the wishy-washy tribal bride white. Yes, traditions never fail but at least inject lovely pops of colour for your face my dolls!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Miss V is in desperate Need of:

White Sunglasses
Though never was I a fan of the overly faux-dimond infused glasses, simple ones, like this pair I
found at are quiet modern. See you in Lyon!

More on the Met

Miss Raquel Zimmerman in/with Thakoon. Fabulous!
! I love Narciso!

Carolina's vintage reminds me a bit of ........... .......... Balenciaga Fall 08'

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Met 2008: Winners in my Black Book.

Goddess Divine; Christina Ricci outshown herself well tonight! Though I'm not really much a fan of her acting...the girl has gotten around to picking herself up lately a fashion sense.

The Better half of the Olsen twins pulled herself off well again tonight. The slashed sides seem to fit The Met's theme well.

I adore Katie's flapper bob. It's been awhile since we last saw the lovely cut grace her face. The rich hue of orange just makes her whole face pop with colour! Delcious!
more of my picks at The Met later to come for you divine sorts.......................... V.

Miss V loves: Looks to Mirror

(Ron herman leather jacket)

One of my favorite films.....

A few things I learned from this film:
1. How beautiful Paris looks dashed in black and white.
2. How completely un-likely pairs can seamlessly fit together beautifuly.
3. This film re-vamped my ampule to start smoking, dress in pure black, and exploring the slums of Paris.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Let's Be BadAss.......Creating a Uniformed Look:

( though I do not recommend the wearing of an eye patch, unless for medical sake or pure crazyness
this certainly ties the look no? Only you could do Agyness Deyn. )

( Moschino ready-to-wear 08') ( Dior Spring 08')

( Fin )

Show This Off at the Office!

if you recall somewhere in the mid-90's, there was such a water bottle trend. You had the Evian crowd, generic-brand gatherers, eventually Fiji came onto the scene. But then what left us was of a bazillion ugly plastic bottles that lead us into clutching Starbucks paper cups. And then came those solid shiny things of steel the Sigg Bottles.

Obviously these designs are not for the general public, but I can imagine seeing myself swinging on one finger one of their new fashion-forward designed ones:

Lets get this baby off to a good start!

Bonjour my fashion Darlings,
This blog is to be a great start for someone as culturally and fashionably oriented as myself. I am mealy a great lover of observation and critique in the fashion realms and take great pleasure in sharing it.
So take a chair, pick up that cup of tea and take a leisurely peak into my world. Tres Bien!